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0 Comments Trudeau’s State Dinner at the White House – One Expensive Photo Op

Article written by Boris Bozic on the 14 Mar 2016 in Canada,Current Events,Politics,US Politics

“I’m great!  Okay, enough but me. So what do you think of me?” In my mind that’s how the conversation went between President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau at last week’s State Dinner at the White House. I’m sure trade issues, environmental concerns, and Canada’s military support in the Middle East all came up in conversation; but I can’t help but think that at some point the two leaders exchanged winks and knowing head nods. The body language spoke volumes, like, this is really cool. Sure, we might have economic issues to deal with, a refugee crisis, security concerns, an obscene amount of national debt, but that should never get in the way of having a good party; and what a party they had.

In fairness, a state dinner at the White House is not a common occurrence for Canadian PM’s. If I’m not mistaken the last time the head of state from Canada was the guest of honour at the White House was in 1997. President Clinton warmly welcomed Prime Minster Chretien for an evening of Pomp and Circumstance. Let’s see, Clinton and Obama, Democrats; Trudeau and Chretien, Liberals. I find it deliciously ironic that the intelligentsia always campaigns on helping the impoverished, working for the middle class, saving mother earth, but would never dare using photos of a state dinners when campaigning to the masses. That would be too difficult to square. The all-knowing and chosen ones are best fit to suspend reality. There’s no point trying to square the lavishness because it is too complex for simpletons to understand.  It’s something that’s always done, and that should be enough. Oh wait, Prime Minister Harper never had a state dinner in his honour. I’m sure it was simple oversight and had nothing to do with political ideology.

The poor Conservative and NDP party, all they can do is grit their teeth and watch with envy. What’s their argument, Trudeau shouldn’t attend? Irrespective of which party in Canada is in power, the RSVP would never go back, “sorry, I’m indisposed”. Everybody would go if they were invited. I would!  But like our former Prime Minster, Steven Harper, I never received an invite. No worries Steven, (in my mind I think he reads my blogs) you can come to my place to watch the Stanley Cup play-offs. We’ll watch the game, have a couple beers, and laugh about Justin’s father using the White House swimming pool when he was the honoured guest in the late 60’s. The elder Trudeau is the only Head of State to use the swimming pool at the White House. We should all burst with pride. The then sitting president, Richard Nixon, AKA, tricky dicky, couldn’t stomach Justin’s father. I suspect the elder Trudeau was well aware of that, and to make Nixon nuts he had a pool party. 

The timing of the visit is not a coincidence. Ideological cousins look out for each other, and help when they can. It’s one thing to be photographed while looking at panda bears at a zoo; it’s altogether different having your photo taken while hobnobbing with the leader of the free world. A high profile soiree in your honour gives you political street cred; something which may be needed when trying to sell the soon to be federal budget.

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