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0 Comments CAAMP Mortgage Forum: Please Stop, you’re Making us Blush!

Article written by Boris Bozic on the 07 Aug 2012 in CAAMP

“What makes this award a little sweeter is that the CAAMP Mortgage Forum 2011 beat out two large American conferences.”

I had a new blog all crafted and ready to be posted today but I had to set it aside.  Why?  Because I received some fantastic news on Monday morning that I had to share.  CAAMP Mortgage Forum 2011 was the recipient of  another award over the weekend.  This is now the second award that the CAAMP Mortgage Forum 2011 has received.  The most recent award was from the International Events Society.  The ISES awarded CAAMP the “Best Meeting Conference over $250K”.  What makes this award a little sweeter is that the CAAMP Mortgage Forum 2011 beat out two large American conferences.  The sense of pride and accomplishment has nothing to do with an inferiority complex.  We can do anything as well as they do South of the boarder and given the state of our respective economies we’ve demonstrated that we can do a lot of things better north of the 49th parallel.  What makes this a little sweeter for me is based solely on the fact that Canada’s Woman soccer team lost to the US woman’s team over the weekend at the London Olympics.  The loss was a direct result of shameful officiating and the referee in charge of the match should never be allowed to officiate a match of such significance again.  It was gut wrenching to watch our gal’s come out on the short end because of an officials ineptitude.  Our Woman’s soccer team have dedicated years of training for this moment, and as far as I’m concerned, they’re true champions.

Okay, I’ll get off on one soap-box to jump on another.  We won, hands down fair and square!  I’m so proud of the staff at CAAMP.  Putting a conference together like ours takes extraordinary effort.  It’s easy to take for granted the work that is required to pull off an event of this magnitude.  The truth is the CAAMP staff has spoiled us a little.  It’s easy to assume that every conference is like ours and that every conference is as cost effective as ours.  As someone who’s attended many conferences outside of Canada, I can honestly say that we’re very fortunate.  From sheer size to quality and cost, we are the best.  And now we have some hardware to prove it.  Take a bow Michael Ellenzweig, Cara Shulman, Alison Cousland, the organizing committee and all the staff at CAAMP for making it happen.  Most importantly, thank you to all the Mortgage Forum sponsors, and those who attended.  Without your collective support the conference doesn’t happen.

Thanks to our sponsors, Mortgage Forum 2012 in Vancouver promises to be bigger and better.  Hopefully I’ll see you in Vancouver from November 25 -27, 2012.

Link to Mortgage Forum 2012 Conference site

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