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Article written by Boris Bozic on the 24 May 2011 , in the category

Boris Bozic is currently the Founder and CEO of MERIX Financial.

Boris has worked in the mortgage industry for over 25 years.  He began his career as a mortgage broker, and over the years he challenged himself to take on more responsibility.

After 5 years of being a Mortgage Broker, Boris decided to move to Vancouver to take on a new challenge.  The Vancouver experience gave Boris the opportunity to enhance his managerial and strategic skills.  After working for a lender in Vancouver, Boris was asked to join and lead the largest independent mortgage brokerage firm in British Columbia.  After 8 years in Vancouver it was time for Boris to come home, back to Toronto.

TD Bank recruited Boris to lead their broker channel, as well as their builder development business.  Boris and his team grew TD’s market share from 7th place to 2nd overall, in a span of 3 years.  After firmly establishing TD as a dominant force in the broker channel, it was time to move on to new challenges.

In 2005, Boris and his partners launched Merix Financial, and their sister company, Paradigm Quest. MERIX was the first lender to legitimize trailer fees as a way of compensation in the broker channel.  In their first year of operation, MERIX funded $1.4 billion.  No new entrant in the broker channel has achieved those results.  Today, assets under management for MERIX and Paradigm  is close to $19 billion.

Boris has made contributions to the industry through his work with industry associations.  He was elected as Vice-President of the MBABC while working in Vancouver.  For 6 years Boris was a member of the CAAMP Board, serving as a board member, sitting on the executive as Secretary, Vice-Chair and  Chair.

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