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2 Comments Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

Article written by on the 22 Dec 2011 in Personal

Well men, it almost that time of year to start thinking about Christmas shopping.  There’s still plenty of time left so there’s no need to be concerned.  The calendar gods are working in our favour because Saturday is Christmas Eve Day.  That’s a few extra hours of shopping if you’re starting your Christmas shopping on the 24th.  Trust me, the 24th is a great day to shop.  The malls are not as busy and it’s only men in the stores, and they’re on a search and destroy mission.  The good news is that there’s fewer items left, thus your options are limited, which means your head won’t explode trying to decide what to buy.  (more…)

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6 Comments A Time To Reflect

Article written by on the 20 Dec 2011 in Mortgage,Personal

I challenged myself this month to be positive when writing my blog.  I must confess it took some effort to always look for the silver lining but with some creativity and effort it can be done.  We deal with the realities of the real world every day, and we all have our own black clouds to deal with.  So I decided to ignore the black clouds this month.  An attempt to suspend reality?  Yip!   But that’s what this time of year is all about, i.e. immaculate conception, Santa Clause etc.  What I also do this time of year is to reflect on the year which is quickly coming to an end.  I have to say that 2011 was a challenging year, but a lot of great things happened to good people. (more…)

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0 Comments We’re so Sorry! – Rogers, BCE & The Leafs

Article written by on the 15 Dec 2011 in Canada,Current Events

If you thought there was over exposure of all things Leafs today, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

In short order a good number people in Canada are going to become angry.  There will be moments when people in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg Montreal and Ottawa will want to put their foot through their collective TV.   Mobile devices may be thrown from balconies or car windows.  Some will rage at the never ending hyperbole.  I bare no responsibility for creating this anger but I feel compelled to apologize simply because of where I am located geographically.  My god, you’re about to live in a world where it’s all Leafs…all the time!

rogers-bce-leafsBy now you’re aware of the unholy alliance coming together to purchase MLSE (Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment).  Two bitter rivals, Rogers and Bell, came together to purchase the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Fund stake in MLSE.  Rogers and Bell purchased 37.5% each, for a cool $530 million.  (more…)

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6 Comments A Demonstration in Leadership

Article written by on the 13 Dec 2011 in CAAMP,Mortgage

Leadership can be defined in many ways.  Individuals who lead come in different shapes and sizes, and their personalities can be divergent.  Some leaders are vocal and have the appearance of strength.  Yet other leaders are more cerebral, they use intellect and instinct to lead rather than use force.  Irrespective of the personality type, they all share the same characteristic, the ability to view issues from a macro perspective.  Effective leaders have the ability to see three steps ahead, and believe with absolute conviction that  final decision is the right course of action.

I think we witnessed a demonstration in  leadership yesterday with the joint announcement from CAAMP and the MBABC. (more…)

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2 Comments Simple Civility, A Lost Art Form

Article written by on the 08 Dec 2011 in Personal

nice to strangersIt’s a shame that extending simple civility and courtesy is rather uncommon today.  Not sure why it’s happening but from my perspective it doesn’t occur with the frequency it used too.  Words such as thank you, please, excuse me, after you, good morning, good afternoon, good evening was common.  Today, these words are an exception and not the rule.  If you think this is a Toronto thing, a big cold impersonal city, not at all.  I travel extensively across this country and I can honestly say that other cities in this country far more impersonal when interacting with strangers.  This post isn’t about rating cities as it relates to extending simple civility and courtesy.  I was just thinking that at this time of the year the courtesy dial moves up just a bit, but it’s a shame that come January it’s back to normal. (more…)

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3 Comments Ho, Ho, Ho

Article written by on the 06 Dec 2011 in Current Events

holiday-spending-consumer-confidenceThere’s still an assortment of problems to work out but at least people are talking about solutions, and just maybe they’ll have reason to feel a little better this Christmas season.

Based on economic indicators, and a sense that things might be getting better, the long term forecast looks a little bit more promising for our economy.  In the short term, this Christmas season might be just a little jollier.  I don’t know about you but it just feels a little different.  Let’s face, if we all believed that things were looking up we would all act accordingly, i.e. spending our hard earned money.  Consumer behavior is driven in large part by confidence.  The same obviously holds true in other parts of the world.  There’s still an assortment of problems to work out but at least people are talking about solutions, and just maybe they’ll have reason to feel a little better this Christmas season. (more…)

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0 Comments Fingers Crossed

Article written by on the 01 Dec 2011 in Canada,Current Events

The Fed’s still have concerns about Europe and the impact it may have for the global economy, and Canada specifically.  Well they should, and it’s the Fed’s responsibility to worry about such issues.

Icanadian economyt’s not sophisticated or scientific but it can’t hurt to keep our fingers crossed when it comes to the economy.  Markets rallied in a big way yesterday, due in part to a number of central banks around the world making moves to ensure liquidity, and it will be interesting to see if this is just another crest of a roller coaster ride the market has been on for some time now.  There was also encouraging news about the Canadian economy. (more…)

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