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0 Comments Customer Service

Article written by on the 31 Jan 2012 in Customer Service

Customer service can be defined many different ways.  We all have our own definitions and standards, and we apply those standards differently.  As an example, I think we expect to be treated differently given what we purchase, and where were we purchase it.  If I’m buying clothing at a low cost store I expect to rummage through a pile of clothing to  find what I’m looking for.  Conversely if I’m buying an expensive suit, at a high end retailer, I expect a higher level of service.  I think we can all rationalize that.  Where the experience should be the same is when something goes wrong.  The level of customer service, and ultimately how we judge customer service, is when we’re not happy.  Companies that understand this, and excel at this, have a distinct advantage over their competitors. (more…)

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6 Comments US Politics: State of The Union (The Real Speech)

Article written by on the 26 Jan 2012 in Current Events,US Politics

“I stand here before you as a lame duck president.  There’s a very good likelihood that I won’t be reelected.  I’m a pragmatist and the numbers don’t lie”


So on Tuesday night I watched President O-Blah-ma give his State of The Union address.  Why?  I’m a political junkie and I’ve always been fascinated by American politics.  In Canada we only really pay attention during an election campaign.  In the US, politics is a blood sport.  The US Presidential election cycle is all day, every day.  If you watch Fox News, CNN or god forbid MSNBC, it’s all about politics, all the time.  Watching the news from the US is like watching The Young and the Restless.  I can change my viewing habits, come back a month later, and nothing’s changed.  There’s comfort in that. (more…)

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6 Comments Mortgages: A Head Scratcher For Consumers

Article written by on the 24 Jan 2012 in Mortgage

“We, the consumer, read about these mortgage issues in the media and try to understand but the complexity of these issues leave us somewhat baffled.”

The Bank of Canada decided to leave the overnight lending rate at 1%, and we’re all but assured that rates will mill remain at current levels for the remainder of 2012.  Sure, things could change but for rates to trend upwards would mean that the BOC is no longer concerned about our fragile economy.  There was also good news – the Minister of Finance said there would be no changes to the  “mortgage rules” at this time.  With the caveat that Finance is prepared to intervene if necessary. (more…)

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0 Comments We Just Assume

Article written by on the 19 Jan 2012 in Current Events,World Events

From time to time all of us put our faith in people we know nothing about.  We assume that if our life was in danger a police officer would risk their own life to save us.  We assume that if were in a burning building a fireman would navigate the flames of hell to save our life.  We assume that if we ‘re attacked by terrorists our politicians would respond in a way to not only protect us but to extract vengeance as well.  We assume our children are safe in schools because the faculty and staff would do everything humanly possible to protect them.  I only started to think about this after reading about sinking of The Costa Concordia.  It’s only dawned on me now how much blind faith I’m capable of. (more…)

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2 Comments Wanted: A Positive Outlook

Article written by on the 17 Jan 2012 in Business,Current Events

2012-economic-outlooksIt matters little if it’s manufactured or real, we’re all going to have to work at being positive in 2012.  Crisis will be fashionable in 2012.  By now we’re becoming somewhat immune to gloom and doom.  We’ve been bombarded with negative information since 2008, as it relates to the economy.  Factor in today’s geopolitical issues, Iran and a US election etc. we’re in for a special year.   But  given our past experience of dealing with news cycles which predicted economic Armageddon, I think we’re uniquely qualified to find silver linings. (more…)

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5 Comments Shaping the Narrative

Article written by on the 12 Jan 2012 in Business

credit card debtThe art of public relations is just that, art.  There’s a real skill set to PR work, and sometimes the messaging is so subtle that you’re not aware that the spin machine is in full force.  Over the holidays I read a number of articles about our homes being overvalued, too much debt, and the ever popular too much mortgage debt.  The cynic in me wonders if there’s genuine concern by the authors of these reports or is this a Machiavellian tactic. (more…)

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0 Comments Here We Go – 2012

Article written by on the 10 Jan 2012 in Personal

So a new year is upon us.  It’s been my experience that our year begins in earnest around January 15th.  Many in our industry, which includes suppliers and referral sources, are still away on vacation and it usually takes until the 15th of January to get everyone back into work mode.  So the reality is that January is always sluggish as it relates to volumes.  Every year I say the same thing to myself at the end of January, “we got some ground to make up”. This year will be no different.

But  it’s interesting what a difference a year makes.  In November of 2010, it was clear to me that 2011 was going to be a challenging year for Merix.  I knew  then that there would be periods during 2011 when we would have to sit on the sidelines and watch volumes go to our competition. (more…)

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