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0 Comments MERIX Sales Rally – Professional Development

Article written by on the 30 Sep 2014 in Business,Merix Financial

At MERIX we always try to come up with creative ways to enhance our employee’s professional development.  We believe that our employees can learn from each other. But it’s also important not to fall into the echo chamber trap. External experiences and business models are great way to learn. It’s for that reason we chose to hold the MERIX Sales and Planning Session this year at Disney, in Orlando Florida.

While Disney may seem like an unusual place to take employees for personal development and business planning, I beg to differ. I can’t think of any organization which is more committed to the customer experience than Disney. Their business purpose is to create happiness. That’s not my choice of words but rather Disney’s. As a group we learned about Disney’s business purpose when we attended a full day training course facilitated by Disney, I am always eager to learn from others, and we can all learn from some of Disney’s business practices. Their attention to detail and commitment to “creating happiness” is remarkable. They live it, they breath it, they believe it. Maybe I’ll share some of my learning’s in future blogs.

The second reason I didn’t think it was unusual to come Disney is because I believe learning should be fun. It’s rare for adults to go to Disney without children in tow. Every once in a while it’s fun for adults to be kids again. So go on Space Mountain as many times as you all the cotton candy or gigantic turkey legs you want…beam when getting your picture taken with Mickey or Snow White.  Reality waits when we get home.

I want to thank Genworth Financial and D+H for sharing and being a part of our event at Disney.  Creating positive employee memories is a unique challenge. Having Mickey and Minnie join us at our welcome reception, followed by two days of learning, and ending with a day at the theme park, well, we just may have overcome the challenge.

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2 Comments Scotland Votes

Article written by on the 19 Sep 2014 in Current Events,World Events

The eyes of the world were on Scotland yesterday. An election took place which would have far reaching effects, well beyond Scotland’s boarders. Everyone waited with baited breath as club secretary Peter Dawson announced that for the first time in the 260 year history of the R&A, The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, would now permit girls to tee it up with the boys. By an overwhelming majority, 85% of the 2,400 members, voted in favour allowing female members at the R&A, I don’t believe the R&A issued an electronic or a paper press release. My understanding is that press release was chiseled on a cave wall, and members of the press were invited into the cave for viewing. (Read more here)  Oh yeah, there was that other vote in Scotland… You may have heard – Scotland held a referendum whether to secede from the UK.

The polls indicated that it was too close to call. But after all the ballots were counted a majority of Scottish citizens decided to maintain the status quo.  The UK will remain unified, but at a cost. In a desperate attempt to buy Scottish loyalty, UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, made numerous concessions.  The fallout being that both Wales and Northern Ireland will now say, “enough about Scotland, what do we get?”  That will have to be addressed, as well as the fact that 45% of the population wanted to break away from the UK. Scotland is divided, that’s the reality.

Breathing a big sigh of relief is the Prime Minister. If the “yes” vote had triumphed there is little doubt that Prime Minister Cameron would have to resign. If you lose five million citizens and a large swath of land on your watch, you don’t have much choice but to offer your resignation. Cameron dodged a bullet, but now he will have to govern a much different United Kingdom.

There was the tremendous amount of speculation about what would happen if Scotland decided to part from the Union. From financial ruin to Armageddon…it was all bad, and you know what, it worked for the “no” side. What might have also worked for the “no” side is that Scotland lowered the voting age to 16 for this referendum.  Interesting, most 16 year olds I know are not responsible enough to make their bed every day, never mind determining a countries sovereignty. I guess 16 year olds in Scotland are much further advanced intellectually.

Canadian’s know all too well what Scotland just went through. Thankfully there is not an updated play book for separatists in Canada to follow.

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2 Comments Cranial Cramps

Article written by on the 05 Sep 2014 in Book Review,Business,Current Events,Merix Financial

The week after Labour Day weekend is not unlike the first week after New Year’s.  It is almost like play time is over, and it’s time to get back to work.  Just driving into work on Tuesday I could feel a difference.  Traffic is always brutal in Toronto, so using traffic as any sort of bench mark is futile.  It’s hard to pinpoint or accurately describe what it is, and without sounding esoteric, there’s an energy level that just seems to be heightened.  Not something you can see, but it’s something you can feel. One place where the heightened energy level manifests itself is between the ears.  The brain goes back to work. 

A great way for me to exercise a lethargic brain is to start reading,  Not just skimming, but actually taking the time to comprehend what’s written.  At times that can be painful.  As an example I’m reading a book now that will probably take me another two years to finish.  The book in question? “War and Peace.”  My God it is a difficult read!  The list of characters is endless, and trying to remember them all is next to impossible.  It doesn’t help that I pick up the book every three months, and plow through another 100 pages.  The main characters are Bezukhov, Bolonsky, Rostova, and the  Kurigan clan, more specifically Natasha and Nikola.  The secondary characters are but a mere 1,000, well, it seems that way to me.  And there’s not a “Smith” in the bunch. So why am I reading” War and Peace?”  Because it’s a challenge, and I can say to myself I finished reading a book which is considered a literary classic.

If you’re looking for a good read, and I can assure you that it’s a quick read, I would recommend the book “David and Goliath”, by Malcolm Gladwell.  I came across the book courtesy of an inspiring entrepreneur,  Sarah Schiess.  Ms. Schiess  works and resides in Saskatchewan, and from my vantage point I see great things for her in the future.  To Sarah, thank you for your thoughtfulness, and for sharing the gift of knowledge.  I won’t get into the details of the book, suffice to say that after reading the book you will challenge conventional wisdom and thinking.  Gladwell is a renowned author, and his books are worth the investment.  Below is a review of the book I found on-line.  A tad wordy, but very well written.

Review: Malcom and Goliath

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