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Article written by Boris Bozic on the 19 Sep 2014 in Current Events,World Events

The eyes of the world were on Scotland yesterday. An election took place which would have far reaching effects, well beyond Scotland’s boarders. Everyone waited with baited breath as club secretary Peter Dawson announced that for the first time in the 260 year history of the R&A, The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, would now permit girls to tee it up with the boys. By an overwhelming majority, 85% of the 2,400 members, voted in favour allowing female members at the R&A, I don’t believe the R&A issued an electronic or a paper press release. My understanding is that press release was chiseled on a cave wall, and members of the press were invited into the cave for viewing. (Read more here)  Oh yeah, there was that other vote in Scotland… You may have heard – Scotland held a referendum whether to secede from the UK.

The polls indicated that it was too close to call. But after all the ballots were counted a majority of Scottish citizens decided to maintain the status quo.  The UK will remain unified, but at a cost. In a desperate attempt to buy Scottish loyalty, UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, made numerous concessions.  The fallout being that both Wales and Northern Ireland will now say, “enough about Scotland, what do we get?”  That will have to be addressed, as well as the fact that 45% of the population wanted to break away from the UK. Scotland is divided, that’s the reality.

Breathing a big sigh of relief is the Prime Minister. If the “yes” vote had triumphed there is little doubt that Prime Minister Cameron would have to resign. If you lose five million citizens and a large swath of land on your watch, you don’t have much choice but to offer your resignation. Cameron dodged a bullet, but now he will have to govern a much different United Kingdom.

There was the tremendous amount of speculation about what would happen if Scotland decided to part from the Union. From financial ruin to Armageddon…it was all bad, and you know what, it worked for the “no” side. What might have also worked for the “no” side is that Scotland lowered the voting age to 16 for this referendum.  Interesting, most 16 year olds I know are not responsible enough to make their bed every day, never mind determining a countries sovereignty. I guess 16 year olds in Scotland are much further advanced intellectually.

Canadian’s know all too well what Scotland just went through. Thankfully there is not an updated play book for separatists in Canada to follow.

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Interesting enough the European youth are involved in politics, we were in Sweden a few years ago during their election and on the streets canvasing for their parties it was mainly young people. The day after the election and the announcement that a neo nazi party had gathered 6% of the vote it again was the youth who marched on the main street and stopped the tram from running for about half a day. I got to watch it from my hotel window. Is 16 to young ,with a parental signature a year later he could join the army…

marvis olson @Twitter ID Website Reply

Had to repost on FB——-love your take on things Boris–your humor knows me out !!

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