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0 Comments We’re so Sorry! – Rogers, BCE & The Leafs

Article written by Boris Bozic on the 15 Dec 2011 in Canada,Current Events

If you thought there was over exposure of all things Leafs today, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

In short order a good number people in Canada are going to become angry.  There will be moments when people in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg Montreal and Ottawa will want to put their foot through their collective TV.   Mobile devices may be thrown from balconies or car windows.  Some will rage at the never ending hyperbole.  I bare no responsibility for creating this anger but I feel compelled to apologize simply because of where I am located geographically.  My god, you’re about to live in a world where it’s all Leafs…all the time!

rogers-bce-leafsBy now you’re aware of the unholy alliance coming together to purchase MLSE (Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment).  Two bitter rivals, Rogers and Bell, came together to purchase the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Fund stake in MLSE.  Rogers and Bell purchased 37.5% each, for a cool $530 million.  A staggering some on money to pay considering the results of the teams owned by MLSE.  But those results don’t matter.  It’s the financial results that enticed these corporate antagonists to put differences aside for the greater good, their bottom line.  Some have speculated this was a defensive move by the two corporate giants, as in protecting their turf.  Right now the vast majority of sporting properties/rights are controlled by TSN or Rogers Sports Net.   An outside investor could have very easily upset the apple cart.  Someone or some entity could have purchased all those teams and created a new all sports channel.  Competition?  Parrish the thought.

One thing is for certain, both networks desperately want to broadcast Leafs games, be it on TV or the radio.  The other teams, Raptors, Toronto FC and Toronto Marlies, are just fill.  There’s little doubt they will split the Leafs TV and radio broadcasting rights down the middle.  Here’s where it gets bad for all non-Leaf fans.  If you thought there was over exposure of all things Leafs today, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  Rogers and Bell bought MLSE to get their hands on the Leafs, and they’re going to force feed you Leaf Nation.  Here’s something to think about, do you think TSN of Sports Net will ever criticize the Leafs on air?  I don’t think so.  Rogers owns the Blue Jays, and no one on Sports Net or FAN 590 radio ever criticizes them, not to any degree.  I can’t blame the announcers…it’s a matter of self-preservation.  You don’t pay that kind of money to buy the team and then go on the air and say they stink.   It’s bad for business.

I’m sorry that your hockey viewing pleasure may become a little less tolerable in the future.  We here, in the center of the universe, had nothing to do with this.  We could  care less  who owns MLSE.  Does it really matter what entity gouges the customer?  No, it doesn’t.  But if it makes you feel any better we will  all share some misery together…when our cable fees go up.  Someone has to pay for this.

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