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Article written by Boris Bozic on the 13 Dec 2011 in CAAMP,Mortgage

Leadership can be defined in many ways.  Individuals who lead come in different shapes and sizes, and their personalities can be divergent.  Some leaders are vocal and have the appearance of strength.  Yet other leaders are more cerebral, they use intellect and instinct to lead rather than use force.  Irrespective of the personality type, they all share the same characteristic, the ability to view issues from a macro perspective.  Effective leaders have the ability to see three steps ahead, and believe with absolute conviction that  final decision is the right course of action.

I think we witnessed a demonstration in  leadership yesterday with the joint announcement from CAAMP and the MBABC.  For those who may have missed the announcement, CAAMP and MBABC have agreed to joint membership fees, which will result in a $50 savings for members of both associations.  The MBABC has also adopted the AMP as their official designation, and they also agreed to extend their collaboration as it relates to events, i.e. CAAMP Mortgage Forum 2013 and the MBABC Conference.  On the surface this may not appear to be significant but if truth be told this was four years in the making.  To be clear, I had little to do with this.  Where the two associations are today is the result of a  number individuals who worked tirelessly to create a better working relationship between both associations .  I was in the right place at the right time as it crossed the goal line.

Kudos to those individuals who made this happen.  Congratulations for putting the best interests of your respective members first.  Finding ways to reduce costs, and not negatively impacting services provided to members, should always be at the forefront.  Avoiding redundancy, and respecting the fact the sponsorship dollars  is not a constitutional right, shows wisdom and courage.  These individuals put petty bickering and issues aside.  These individuals didn’t engage in the east/west debate.  This wasn’t about the 800 pound gorilla, CAAMP, taking over.  This wasn’t about, what has become the nauseating mantra of the uninformed, a “cash grab”.  No, this was about doing the right thing.  This was a demonstration of leadership.

Not to overstate it but I believe this is a sign that our industry is going through a maturation process.  We’re starting to grow up.  We’re looking at issues beyond today.  We starting to embrace the responsibility we have for the future of this industry.

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Nolan Matthias @nolanmatthias Website Reply

Well done CAAMP. Hopefully Alberta will follow suit.

Kathy Gregory @Twitter ID Website Reply

Very, very well put! I hope those individuals who continuously write negative comments about the value or lack of to individual brokers for the AMP designation take some advice from your blog on the maturity and value of a designation for the industry. Those same people who likely don’t participate in solutions.

Hats off to the CAAMP and MBABC leaders of the industry for solving a very long term gap with solution that works .
The more people who actually become involved in moving the industry forward, educating themselves, the better for the industry.

We can no longer put our heads in the sand. A professional designation should be mandated for all, and harmonized across the country. it only takes a little time and educating ourselves to see what happens in other industries and countries when this does not occur.

Chris Heidt @Twitter ID Website Reply

Always love Boris’s point of view and opinions, but I am one of those “uninformed” who has considered CAAMP a “cash grab”. As a mortgage lender of 23 years, 8 of those as a broker in small town BC, and a loyal member of MBABC, I have yet to see any personal benefit to being a CAAMP member.

Hopefully this collaboration will change my views, but I’m not holding my breath. The AMP designation was a great idea, but it simply doesn’t go far enough…hence the “cash grab” mantra. Now we have lots of inexperienced and poorly educated individuals trying to be mortgage brokers who now give the public a false sense of security because they have an AMP designation. With MBABC adopting this designation will I now have to pay to get my AMP to remain a member of MBABC? I hope not, because that “cash grab” mantra is coming back again…

MBABC has served me well by providing education and training seminars as well as social functions in my local area at a reasonable cost. The closest CAAMP training or events are always held in Vancouver, which is 300+ miles away from my place of business in the Okanagan Valley. Why would I bother to attend when MBABC caters to me, not the other way around?

I can only hope that this collaboration will eventually bring tangible CAAMP benefits to brokers outside of the major centers, but I am afraid we may eventually see just the opposite, with MBABC dropping regional support to concentrate on “bigger and better” things in the major centers.

I hope I am wrong.

December 14 2011 13:46 pm Boris Bozic

Hi Chris,
Thanks much for sharing your thoughts, and for reading the blog. Your points are well taken, and there's no doubt that we have to work towards raising the bar as it relates to the AMP. However, and this is not an excuse, when compared to other professional designations we're well ahead of the evolution curve. As much as we would all like to reach the final goal by yesterday, the reality is it takes years to gain traction, and establish higher levels of competency. As for "cash grab", my response to that characterization is simple," CRA 250". As you're probably aware the CRA was not going to exempt broker commissions with the new GST/HST harmonization. CAAMP immediately lobbied the Federal Government on behalf of mortgage broker firms, and individual mortgage brokers, and based on the argument CAAMP made, the Federal Government decided to exempt broker commissions. This resulted in millions of dollars remaining where it rightfully a brokers bank account. This was not a one-time tax. Mortgage broker receive a financial benefits, every year, because of CAAMP's efforts. When you do the math, adding all dues and the cost of the AMP, brokers are still in the black.

That being said, all associations should challenges themselves to garner greater efficiencies, which result in savings for their members. I believe the joint announcement made by the MBABC and CAAMP accomplishes that goal. But we have to do more, and both associations are dedicated to that end.


Angela Kroemer Website Reply

As a newbie it is nice to see some of the associations I belong to are coming together as a team. When I tell some other mortgage brokers I am an AMP, some of them say well I am not cause it is just a cash grab. For me what I learnt to get my AMP will make me a better Broker. It teaches you the scarier side of being a mortgage broker but also teaches you what to look for to become a much better mortgage broker. If it has value, and I think it does, then I am all for it.

Jason Dornstauder @Twitter ID Website Reply

I have to say, up until the symposium yesterday in Saskatoon – I too was one of those people who believed that CAAMP was just a Cash Grab. I did not see the virtues of what my CAAMP Dollars were doing. However, after meeting Mike Ellenzwieg (pretty sure I butchered his last name just now), and hearing Boris speak – I have to say – I am legitimately reformed and consider myself to be a proponent of the AMP and of CAAMP in general!
I know the AMP at this point is not where we want it – but if we keep at it, I am sure it will get there. The public will eventually start to understand it. It just takes time.
As for WHY I considered my fees as just a cash grab, it really came down to me not actually seeing anything happen. I never really knew what was going on – not for a lack of communication, but perhaps the wrong form of communication.
I suggested to Mike yesterday – CAAMP should provide its members a “Top XX” things CAAMP has done for it’s members in the past 5 years. We all hear tidbits of information here and there about what CAAMP is doing – but it gets so diluted that we miss it…and when you consider the CRA 250…that GST impact could have been HUGE!

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