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Article written by Boris Bozic on the 04 Oct 2013 in Merix Financial

One of the pleasures of being a business owner is the great people you get to work with.  The spectrum ranges from employees, suppliers and of course our customers.  This week MERIX had the privilege of hosting a number of our top supporters/customers at the World Business Forum, in New York City.  NYC is such a vibrant and cool city.  The pace is frenetic, and at times abrasive.  I’m okay with those characteristics because it definitely contributes to the overall experience.  Combine that with a learning opportunity, and sharing it with extraordinary people, well, you end with a memorable trip.

I think I’ve attended about half dozen World Business Forums. I enjoy the experience because I get to remove myself from my daily routine and think about issues from a macro perspective.  The World Business Forum is what inspired me to transform and change the CAAMP Mortgage Forum.  It was my hope was that for one day of the year, (the second day of the CAAMP conference) we could all set aside GDS/TDS, rental offsets, OSFI, the Finance Department, beacon scores and other daily issues and take a few moments to think beyond ourselves and our own backyard.  I always wanted to share that experience with our customers, and that’s exactly what we did we invited our top supports to NYC to experience the World Business Forum.

What a delight it was to be able to spend time with our customers and employees for an extended period of time.  At MERIX we’ve always tried to do things a little bit differently. There’s nothing new about customer appreciation trips, but I believe what’s different about our events is the core – education.  We don’t use education as a cover to create an event just to drink excessively, and over indulge in food. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not prudish enough to turn away a libation or great food that will wreak havoc with my girlish figure. It’s just that in our world it’s about learning first, party second.  We do both well; just in order.

To our valued supporters/customers, John Bargis, Sandy Fisher, Richard Anderson, Gerry Bray, Mackenzie Gartside, Tracey Morrison, Sarah Schiess, Victor Schaefer, Tyler Hilderbrand, Marvis Olson, Marcus Tzaferis, Brenda Coleman, Jacquie Bushell and Catherine Adams from Genworth Financial, our sincerest thank you for your support, and for giving us the opportunity to spend a few days together to get to know just a little bit better.

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I agree 100% Boris–I’ve been on lots of broker trips to warm sunny lands– but this was the first that put Education 1st !!
Being a fairly small group & coming from an array of companies– we didn’t form cliques & circulated freely — very beneficial for learning — getting to know each other & our Merix partners in person –the quality of the World Economic Forum speakers — I can’t say enough .
Thank you Merix for including me– it’s an honor– ( we should be getting double AMP credits for this :)
Thank you Thank you Thank you Merix– – a partner for life!!

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