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4 Comments Faith in Mankind – Tested yet again

Article written by Boris Bozic on the 18 Dec 2012 in Current Events,World Events

It plays an important role for many in our society.  I bristle at those who condemn people of faith because “science” can’t prove the existence of what they believe in.  Of course I’m not referring to people who bastardize or prostitute their faith in the name of war or violence.  The people who do this are nothing more than charlatans and con artists, irrespective of religious doctrine.  I have great respect for people who frequent their house of worship, and truly feel better for doing so.  The fact they feel spiritually uplifted is reason to applaud them.  If faith causes people to treat each other with respect, kindness and human decency, then these people should be admired and not mocked.

There’s also another kind of faith, our faith in mankind.  Regrettably our faith in mankind is being tested with far too much regularity.  Our faith was tested, yet again, when evil visited Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newport Connecticut.  I have no idea how to categorize the actions of the mass murder other than pure evil.  The killing of innocent babies leads me to set aside reasoning or any form of rationale.  Gun laws will be debated, as will mental health treatment, but in my mind clinical terms cannot be used to describe the actions of the cold blooded murderer at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  He possessed a human shell but he was devoid of humanity.

As shocking as the barbaric act was, I’m equally shocked at how compassionate and forgiving people can be.  The father of one the slain babies held a press conference and said that his prayers were with the murderer’s family, for they too are grieving.  This man had not even buried his six year old daughter, and yet his faith in religion and mankind leads him to embrace the murderer’s family in their time of grief.  My reservoir of compassion runs too low to be able to do the same.  What I also can’t do is watch the endless news coverage.  How much heart ache is enough?  CNN posted pictures of all the victims, which included the boys and girls who were slain.  I can’t look at the pictures because when I do I think how they were systematically executed.  The son of b!t$& who murdered these babies had to reload to finish what he had set out to do.  I can’t imagine how the parents of the slain children are dealing with this.

I know the cable news channels have to fill time, and this is news.  But enough is enough.  One of the most simple and moving tributes came from, of all places, Saturday Night Live; for a TV show that has no boundaries they exhibited extraordinary dignity and simplicity.

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Angela Bond @GSGURU Website Reply

Well said.

Brian Nason @Twitter ID Website Reply

Thanks for touching our hearts each week Boris! A wonderful tribute to the victims not only in Connecticut but around the world! Best Wishes – Brian

Thank you Boris. Well said. This tragedy seems to have affected everyone so much. Is it because it’s Christmas? Is it because it’s children? or is it the final drop that overflowed the cup of evil? Can we dare to hope this final drop might bring about change?

Catching up on missed emails – thank you for your blog “Faith Tested…”. Since the shooter also killed his own mother, I did not consider his family until I heard the compassion from the father whose daughter was one of the victims.This blog is a keeper and a gentle way to end this year of horrific violence.

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