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Article written by Boris Bozic on the 05 Jun 2015 in Current Events

I think we’ve all heard the term “To Big to Fail”. The term became fashionable at the onset of the sub-prime crisis in 2008. Some financial institutions were deemed too vital and important to the global economy, therefore, they would be provided with a safety net by governments. Other institutions which were deemed NOT to be “Too Big to Fail”, Darwin’s theory applied – it was survival of the fittest.  We could debate the fairness of the “Too Big to Fail” classification, but that will have to wait for a future post. Based on what has transpired over the last two weeks I really do believe there’s another subset of characterization for handful of organizations, like FIFA.

FIFIA has been in the news for last few weeks, and even non-soccer fans can’t help but be drawn to all the stories off corruption, bribery, kickbacks and basic flaunting of international law. To be fair, FIFA, the world’s governing soccer authority, is not alone. My definition of “Too Big To Care” is fairly simple; “no action is so abhorrent that it will impact us financially”. What other entity fits that category? How about the NFL? Before you suggest that I should take a saliva test, here’s the simple truth. The NFL – National Felons League is not impacted financially even though it employs murderers, drug dealers, drug addicts, wife beaters and child beaters. The NFL has demonstrated that it is bullet proof, apologies for the poor choice of words. Rocked by scandal? Not a sponsor lost or decline in viewership. This year’s Super Bowl set a viewing record. The NFL is a money making machine, and sponsors and fans are willing to set aside their moral outrage every Sunday, or when filling out their office pool. The NFL has got this down to a science. When scandal hits, they pretend they care, for a couple of weeks, and then it all goes away.  

Another organization which oozes “Too-Big-to-Care” is the IOC, the International Olympic Committee. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who believes that the bidding process to host the summer or winter games is cloaked in integrity. The IOC has a deep rich history of impropriety, and mind boggling decision making. This is an organization which awarded Germany, the Summer Games, when Adolf Hitler ruled. What I find rich is that the IOC offered council to FIFA, specifically to outgoing FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, that it was time to get his in house order. That’s code for, “it’s one thing to surround yourself with crooks, but it’s inexcusable if the crooks are idiots and rats as well”.

FIFA is taking it on the chin right now, and rightfully so. But in the long run I don’t think it will matter. Sure, there will be a few sacrificial lambs, some FIFA officials may be watching the next World Cup from prison. But soccer is the most popular sport in the world. The appetite for game is insatiable, and the sponsors know it. They will spend the money necessary to ensure their brand is where the eye balls are, and life goes on.

Personally, I’m outraged by FIFA’s conduct, and soccer in general. So much so I decided not to go to Croatia this month to watch Italy play Croatia in a EURO qualifying match. One man’s private protest. Sure, EUEFA, Europe’s Governing Body, punished Croatia by making them play in an empty stadium because of unruly fan behaviour. But I still wasn’t going to go, wink-wink.

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