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Article written by Boris Bozic on the 13 Nov 2012 in Current Events,Personal

 For many Olympic athletes it’s not about the money, it’s about chasing the dream, representing a country and standing on the podium.

Maybe it’s just me but I really could care less when the NHL lockout comes to an end.  I think both sides make a good case why their position is the right one but if the NHL was to cancel the entire season it would have zero impact on my life.  I used to be a sports junkie, and I do enjoy sporting events. But the love of  the game for it’s purity has long since passed for me.  The naivete that the owners and players should do what’s best for the game is best left for those who refuse to believe that professional sport is business, big business.

I can’t think of a bigger business than the business of the Olympics. Multiple billion of dollars in revenues, along with envelopes full cash being passed under tables.  That just screams sporting innocence doesn’t it? In spite of the Olympic machine you can’t help but marvel at the athletes who participate, setting aside NHL and NBA pros.  For many Olympic athletes it’s not about the money, it’s about chasing the dream, representing a country and standing on the podium.  Thanks to an industry colleague, Brian Nason, I was reminded that within the business of sports there can be purity for the love of the sport.  I would like to introduce you to Larisa Yurkiw.  Frankly, I never heard of Larisa until Brian reached out to me to assist in his efforts to support Larisa.  According to Brian,  Larisa is good people, who comes from a good family.  I don’t know Larisa, I’ve never met her but I can say this, she’s got guts and she has the heart of a champion. All she wants is another shot at the Olympics, and a chance to represent Canada.  You have an opportunity to give her a hand up to the podium.  Please have a look at the video,  if for no other reason than to remind yourself that the purity of sports still exists.

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Rishel Tomlinson, AMP @@CustomMortgages Website Reply

thank you for this post Boris, and well said!
when the going gets tough, the TOUGH get going!! …success comes from getting back up one more time to follow your dreams, no matter if it’s sports or the mortgage business.

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