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Article written by Boris Bozic on the 22 Nov 2013 in Mortgage

I’m still getting used to the idea that upon the end of CAAMP’s 2013 Mortgage Forum, which officially opens this Sunday, November 24th, it will mark the end of a six year journey for me.  My official duties as a board member, and as a member of the executive, officially ended at CAAMP’s most recent AGM.  As of the 27th of November, someone else will be responsible to set the path and direction for future conferences.  Whoever the privilege is bestowed upon to lead the conference in the future will be comforted by the fact that they will work alongside the extraordinary staff at CAAMP.  Mike Ellenzweig and the rest of the company work tirelessly to put on THE premier event of the year in the mortgage broker industry.  No disrespect to all the other conferences, but it is what it is.  Every year, just before the ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open the conference, Michael says to me in his deep baritone voice, “Bo…it’s in God’s hands now”.  Who am I to argue with Michael that God takes time away from his busy schedule to oversee the Mortgage Forum?  I will miss Michael’s dry sense of humour.

I am also going to miss the regular interaction with all the CAAMP staff, especially Samir Asusa and Jim Murphy.  Samir very quietly goes about his business.  For the uninitiated, a CFO’S role may not appear to be glamorous.  Number crunching, contract review may not be what one would consider sexy, but if it’s isn’t done properly an organization can get into a whole heap of trouble.  Samir, in large part, has ensured that CAAMP’s financial footing is very solid, and he’s treated every dollar collected with the respect is so deserves.  As for Jim Murphy, CAAMP’s President, a hardy thank you on behalf of the entire industry.  Jim’s steady hand, and political insight, will ensure that CAAMP will be able to navigate both chartered and unchartered waters in the future.  Jim made my job so much easier, and for that I am very grateful.  To Cara, Alison, Jeannie and Rocca, thanks for prepping me.  And lastly, to my friend Hali Strandlund, who called me and convinced me to run for a second term so I could sit on her executive team, thanks for making that call.

Six years is a lot of time to invest or more accurately volunteer.  My thinking is that if you’re going to invest that amount of time, then DO something.  I bristle, that’s code for my inside voice saying. OH..SHUT…UP, when people talk about their own legacy.  Others will determine the legacy, not some egomaniac.  But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking stalk of what you’re most proud of.  For me it was a few things, some visible and some not so much.  Six years ago I started to campaign that we should change a couple of our by-laws.  The first change, limiting the number of board seats that any one brand could occupy.  I believed this could pose a huge risk to our association.  In theory, one brand could occupy every board seat, thus ensuring that every executive position was made up of board members representing one brand.  If that ever came to pass our membership numbers would contract, quickly.  Thankfully the board, and the executive, agreed to deal with matter before it ever became an issue.  The second by-law change that I am proud of is term limits.  Today, the by-law states that a board member can only sit on the board for six years.  For CAAMP to flourish, fresh blood, a new way of thinking and passion is required.  My belief was that time served beyond six years would mean that the board member has gone beyond his/her expiration date.  Everyone has a shelf-life, and I believed it was in the association’s best interest to avoid the “is it time you to step aside” debate.  The approval and passing of a term limit by-law ensured that the association ecosystem would continue.

In the visible category?  I am so proud of our efforts in the political arena.  CAAMP took a leadership role in lobbying the government and regulators.  We stated clearly to the industry that was going to be our mandate going forward.  Today, our opinion matters, and our research is sought out by the Ministry of Finance, and regulators.  As long as CAAMP continues to make a commitment in this regard, our voice will grow stronger.  We may not win or get everything we want, but then again who does?  At the very least now we cans say we have a seat at the adult table.  Another one for the visible category, I’m proud of the transformation we made to the National Conference; from re-branding it to CAAMP Mortgage Forum, to partnering with the “Art Of”, ensuring a line-up of speakers that couldn’t even be imagined in the past.  We now dedicate one day of speakers to our industry, and the second day to macro issues, which ultimately impacts all of us.

It’s been a hell of a ride, but now it’s time for people a lot smarter than me to take the reins.  To all the board members I had the privilege of serving with, especially Hali Strandlund, Joe Pinheiro and Daryl Harris, thank you.  To all the members of CAAMP, I’ll sum up my six years on the board in two words…”I tried”.

Enjoy CAAMP Mortgage Forum 2013.

Until next time,




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Brian Matthey @Mortpro Website Reply

There are so many people out there that just don’t get the commitment that it takes to stand up and be part of solution in our industry.Many choose to criticize from the sidelines rather than get involved.
I have the utmost respect for what you have done and how your voice echoes in commonality with the broker channel and what CAAMP represents in a lender/channel partnership working toward the evolution of the brokerage industry.
The changes you have made have all been positive and as a broker owner thank you for all the time you have dedicated to making it so.

Brian Matthey

Daryl French @Twitter ID Website Reply

Thanks Boris for your exemplary efforts and strong voice the past few years. As you said, we can’t win all the arguments, but having the right people voicing their opinions sure helps.

You have made a difference and we thank you for giving your time and passion to such a great cause.

All the Best
Daryl french

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