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7 Comments Closing Thoughts on #CAAMP2011

Article written by Boris Bozic on the 24 Nov 2011 in CAAMP

mortgage forum 2011Another CAAMP conference (Mortgage Forum 2011) has come and gone, and I’m looking forward to catching up on some sleep.  The sleep deprivation has nothing to do with indulging.  On the contrary, I was a good boy during the conference,  and even if I was tempted by all the distractions logic dictated discipline.  The meetings seemed endless during the conference, and no complaints on my part.  I signed up for the gig.  But I can take a deep breath now that the conference is over.

The Mortgage Forum 2011 was significantly different than the previous conferences.  There’s always a risk in trying something different but when you balance that against what could be, well, you have to go for it.  Based  on the feedback I received from attendees I have to say the reward was worth the risk.  I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to receive all the congratulatory emails.  The satisfaction  has nothing to do with inflating my ego.  It’s satisfying to know the efforts made by the CAAMP staff was appreciated. These folks work tirelessly and they don’t if failure is not an option then neither is successget the credit they deserve.  They made it happen, I just provided some ideas.  They rolled up their sleeves and did the heavy lifting.  To the CAAMP staff, Bravo!

When you put a program of this magnitude together your hope is that the attendees walk away with the feeling that they received value for their money.  Attendees can only assign the value on what they learned, the importance of networking or partaking in the social activities.  Whatever an attendee was looking for it could be found under the big tent called The Mortgage Forum 2011.

One of the things I learned this year was that the conference is an extension of our government relations efforts.  I was seated with the regulators at the Hall of Fame Gala, and they were very impressed with the sheer size and magnitude of the gala, and the conference in general.  The lens they saw this event through represents strength, cohesion, unity and a commitment to the industry by CAAMP members.  We should never underestimate how important that is, especially if we want to continue to be invited to sit at the adult table.

To all those who attended I hope you enjoyed yourself.  To those who didn’t make it, there’s always next year.  The Mortgage Forum 2012 in Vancouver promises to be bigger and better.

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Greg Williamson @@gwilliamsonyyc Website Reply

Boris, I have been going to the CAAMP conference since 1997. I also have been quite vocal that I thought the last few years missed the mark for me. This conference was absolutely excellent!! The Tuesday format was pure genius. I am considerably certain I received value for my investment thank-you to you and the staff and your committee. Today, my hat is off to you.

I would prefer to see the format of the Hall of Fame revert back to having each inductee be “brought in” by someone of their choosing. I always looked forward to who they would choose and what would be said. I think the CAAMP/association awards can be given out at the trade show to make more time. These hall of famers deserve more time.

Angela Bond @FSGURU Website Reply


I enjoyed every aspect of CAAMP 2011. There was a palpable energy throughout the venue for 3 days. It was somewhat of a letdown driving out of the city Tuesday evening. The speakers were engaging, topics and discussions of relevance and unparalleled networking that can be found nowhere else. To those who worked countless hours to make it seemless, congratulations and thank you. I can hardly wait for Vancouver.

Hi Boris – just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed CAAMP this year.

The speakers and panels were outstanding …. And the Art of Sales was unbelievable! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the Tuesday sessions and I hope this can become a regular addition to the conference schedule.

Thank you so much for being the one that was willing to take the risk and step out from the norm and create a truly valuable event.

Miles Kulik @mileskulik Website Reply

Boris and all the people that really make this thing happen,
I, for one, attend the conference purely for the opportunity to network with my peers and the proverbial ‘lets go have a drink’ conversation that happens. My company has reached its 2 year anniversary and there are some crossroads that we have come upon. I needed some input…
You sometimes feel alone in this big mortgage world, but it only takes 5 minutes of conversation with a peer to make that feeling go away. I love the opportunity to network. Unfortunately, the networking takes away from enjoying some of the speakers. So, when you talk value, I hit my mark.
And your point about ‘being recognized as a big kid’, was true to the point with this conference. You did a wonderful job with the big names in speakers. Amanda Lang carries a lot of voice in the economic world of Canada and I am sure she is now realizing that “Mortgage Brokers” are tops when it comes to professionalism.

Michael Anthony Lloyd Mortgage Expert Website Reply

[...] year and wanted to make it different, and he and his team succeeded (see Boris’s own comments here ).   While the expo of lenders & suppliers was smaller, that was actually a good thing, more [...]

Boris, the last CAAMP conference I attended was 5 years ago – and it is almost unfair to draw comparisons between this year and my previous experience. The speaker line up on monday, supported by Amanda Lang, was fantastic. Bringing in the art of sales speakers on tuesday offered phenomenal value. And, my face is still sore from listening to Howie Mandel monday night. Fantastic effort – and seriously worth the effort of attending. Fantastic effort done by all involved. Thank you!

Veronica Love-Alexander @VLAlexander Website Reply

Excellent conference – well executed – great networking – fantastic speakers and lots of fun! Congratulations to the entire event staff and committee!

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