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Article written by Boris Bozic on the 07 Jun 2013 in CAAMP,Mortgage

This week I had  the distinct pleasure to share the stage with Ron Swift, CEO of Pacific Mortgage Group,  Paul Grewal, President, Street Capital and Derek Norton,  MCAP Group of Companies during the monoline panel session at the CAAMP/MBBC Spring Conference & Trade Show. The panel discussion was about the state of the market and what our crystal ball says about the future of our industry.  To be totally frank I’m somewhat hesitant to participate on these panel discussions given some of my prior experiences.  I’ve been on panels in the past where panelists offered nothing but motherhood statements or they use the time to extoll the virtues of their own companies.  Being a part of some financial institutions gloried infomercial does nothing for me.   So now when I’m invited to take part in panel discussion, my agreement to do so will be based on who the other panelists are.  That’s why there was no hesitancy on my part when I was asked to participate at the conference in Vancouver. The gentlemen noted above know their stuff, and they speak freely.

I’m not sure what insights the audience garnered during the session but I can tell you I learned a few things.  For example, I have to remind myself that when I speak publicly I’m speaking to a much broader audience.  Someone mentioned to me, a few hours after the session, that there were a number of tweets during the panel discussion.  I’m still coming around to the notion that the social media is providing a vehicle for people to provide instantaneous commentary and judgement on what you’re saying.  Don’t get me wrong, even if I write “don’t forget twitter” on the palm of my hand prior to a public address it wouldn’t change my message.  What might change is certain phraseology.  After addressing audiences I always mentally critique my own performance and make note of things I could or should have said differently.  Today an improper or incorrect phraseology can become memorialized, thanks to twitter.

I always get feedback after participating at an event and the most recent event was no different.  The feedback is motivated by those simply being polite to those who wish to offer suggestions how the session could have better; which is code for how I could have done a better job.  No offense taken.

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I really enjoyed the Monoline Panel it was one of my favorites of the whole day!

Thank you!

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