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3 Comments Large, Non-Fat, Extra-Hot – Merix Mortgage – with Vanilla, Hold the Foam.

Article written by Boris Bozic on the 20 Oct 2011 in Mortgage,Personal

Is the product worth the money?

I’ll miss you.  It’s not easy to say goodbye to an old friend.  Parting ways is always difficult. What makes it a little less painful is when the emotional attachment has waned or vanished completely.  Alas, that wasn’t to be in my case.  Thinking about all the good times and comfort the relationship brought me makes it difficult to do. But do it I must.  When I’m charged $5.58 for an extra hot, small vanilla latte, I’m left with no choice but to end the relationship.

 We all have a physiological price point ceiling. It’s not a question of if you can afford it? The question becomes is the product worth the money?  For each person the answer is different but I can’t rationalize living in a world where everything has to be done faster and cheaper, except for the price of coffee.  Did I miss something in the news?  Is there a global shortage of coffee beans?  To be fair I’ve never paid this amount before for that size of a coffee. I guess it has to do with the fact that I purchased the coffee in Niagara Falls.  Everything is more expensive in a tourist area, but are you kidding me?  I guess not.  Do you know how I know they weren’t kidding? I paid it!

 To the coffee company in question more power to you.  If the overall coffee experience defies rational pricing, you have my respect and admiration, but not my money.  There’s a lesson here but I’ll be damned if I can’t figure out how to pull it off at Merix.  merix financial business modelIt’s asking to us raising interest rates, substantially higher then the prevailing market rate, and having brokers lined up outside the door to get some.  I don’t have it all figured out yet but I think we can make some quick changes.  From now on we will no longer refer to them as underwriters.  From now on they will be referred to as a barista. No more 5 year fixed term.  From now on it’s mocha whipped skinny 60 month loan.  If you ask for an extra shot, that’s a 10 year term.  The juices are flowing now but I need a little pick me up to put the creativity into overdrive.  I know what will do the trick, I’m gonna get me a double, double.

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Geoff Charkow @ Reply

Hey Boris…if you use a Starbucks card to pay for you coffee, make sure you register it. You get the vanilla shot for free!! Plus you get free refills on drip coffee….there is some value at Starbucks.
Gotta run and give the “skinny” on our promos!

Now Boris when you say double double, are you referring to re-payment options or….



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