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Article written by Boris Bozic on the 09 Oct 2012 in Personal

The Thanksgiving meal hasn’t been fully digested, when I decided to do a really dumb thing – I surfed the net to see what was happening in the world. In less than five minutes of reading I had a decision to make, curl up in the fetal position paralyzed with fear or stop reading? I went with door number two.

Dire predictions from the IMF about the global economy, specifically the slowdown in Asia, the debt situation in the U.S. and the European crisis, can wait. As can all the pundits in Canada who are suggesting that we’re on the precipitous of a housing crisis.
All this information can wait until Thanksgiving Day is clearly in the review mirror. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and remind ourselves how fortunate we are. I’m so thankful for the loving family I have, the great industry I work in, and the job that I do every day. And I’m also really thankful that I live in a country where I have the right to say to all those who are predicting global, and specifically Canadian economic doom, SHUT THE HELL UP.  At the very least give us Thanksgiving Day. No, give us the day after as well. Ah, but I don’t trust you so I’m going to put you on ignore until Wednesday. At that point I will invite back into my life so that I am apprised of what’s going on, and that will also force me to take the time to decipher fact from fiction.  I, along with everyone in our industry is used to doing that.  But understand this, you will never beat me (or our industry) into submission and force us to say uncle. The mortgage industry and people who contribute to it are part of any solution, our value and contribution to the Canadian economy is well established.

A personal belated Happy Thanksgiving to all those who take the time to read my blog, for that I am truly humbled and thankful.

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