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1 Comments Greetings from Italy

Article written by Boris Bozic on the 01 May 2015 in Personal

Off for a vacation in Tuscany to explore the sights, and of course the food and wine.  I’m not much of a wine connoisseur.  I know good from swill but the subtleties of wine escapes me.  It makes me giggle when I see people make a production of the wine experience, especially when they’re not far removed from Baby Duck and Mateusz, to each his own.

The trip got off to a somewhat auspicious start.  Air Canada not leaving on time, combined with having to catch a connecting flight in the most idiotic airport in the Western Hemisphere, Frankfurt, it’s no wonder we missed our connecting flight.  If you’ve never been to the Frankfurt airport, don’t.  It is very un-German like, meaning no order and complete chaos. I suspect the individuals who were responsible for gate placement, human traffic flow and security clearance, first had to ingest two hits of acid, and then when fully hallucinating, they put it all together.  A little Purple Haze by Jimmy Hendricks playing in the background would be a great pairing. 

I’ve been brushing up on my Italian over last couple of weeks.  I grew up in an Italian neighbourhood so it’s all coming back to me. Like the word for “sandwich” is “sangwich”, and you don’t “turn the lights off”, you “close the lights” And my favourite, yous guys, like “where are yous guys going?”  Who needs Google translate?

Depending on the amount of wine consumed, I may skip next week’s blog.  I suspect I’ll be too busy shovelling pasta into my mouth, my absolute favourite cuisine, and washing it down with some chianti.  I plan on working off the calories by walking daily.  In honour of our Italian hosts, when walking I plan on falling down for no apparent reason. My way of paying tribute to Italian soccer players.  Italy is going to love me.

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David Docksteader @Twitter ID Website Reply

As a contemporary and one who reads about three blogs in total and yours being one…. I thought I would actually respond for the first time.
Perhaps more due to an introspective and reminiscent mood having just returned from beloved Toscana last week or because I feel like a sideline webspace lurker who should identify myself.
It’s still a challenge for me write brief texts using acronyms, modicums and other symbols that in former years meant a character was using vulgar language, so may I just say….”Boris your musings are rather intelligent, somewhat entertaining and when they touch on subjects of interest that I think will be edifying for my young adult children I pass them along.”
So now on the subject of Tuscany; may I pass along a couple of recommendations that I would value if not having eaten, shopped or spent any time in a Villa or two over the years there. My bride of 28 years and I just returned last week and I generally pick up at least a couple of suits from a fabulous retailer who’s shop is right in the heart of Florence ( Firenze) and behind the kiosks of the tourist market – the shop’s name is Viapiana Abbigliamento Uomo and the gentleman manager is Marco Polvani : address Via dell’Ariento, 19r – walking distance from the Galleria dell Accademia where you will go to observe Michelangelo’s David. Prices are excellent by European standards and terrific fun stuff for the discerning but frugal gentleman. In fact, just around the corner from the Accademia is a marvelous restaurant believe it or not called: Ristorante Accademia- Piazza S. Marco 7R tel 39-055-217343 you wont need a reservation if you are a couple or perhaps 4 but it is always busy and phenom- you will enjoy the best rabbit among other fabulous delicacies including the incredible smoked sausage tar-tare( is the best way I can describe in English).
In any event ,if you are anywhere Siena region and taking in San Gimignano or Certaldo, ancient villages, I can pass along some other suggestions you may not get from Rick Steves Youtube videos.
While we don’t do much business together at this point, because yours truly tends to have clients who need LOCs for planning purposes….nonetheless I would be guilty of omission if I didn’t pass along a couple of recommendations. Particularly when I think they would be appreciated by a fellow Canadian of the broker industry with a panache for wordsmithing that betrays his age and generational perspective.
David Docksteader

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