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Article written by Boris Bozic on the 20 Nov 2012 in Personal

I think we’re all guilty of making things out to be a lot worse than they really are. It’s easy to become overwhelmed just thinking about all the responsibilities we all have in our personal and professional lives. A good dose of perspective can always shake you back to reality and remind you of what’s truly a problem and what’s nothing more than melodrama. I received a good dose perspective over the last 10 days.

It was 10 days ago when I started not to feel very well, I started experiencing chest pains. I didn’t think it was heart attack, why would a 52 year old, slightly overweight man with high cholesterol think that? To be on the safe side I went to the doctor and he put me through a battery of tests. I was right, no heart attack. The doctor wanted me to be thorough so they sent me off to get x-rays done on my chest. The next day the doctor called me and said, “Your x-ray indicated that you have a small nebular density on your lung. We believe it’s benign but we cannot rule out cancer. We’re going to arrange a CT scan on chest to get a better look, and from there we can determine what the next steps will be.”

Funny how everything changed from the moment I heard those words. The last 10 days have been difficult. Business meetings, home life, CAAMP meetings, all the things that make up my day was nothing more than a charade. I was having conversations all the while thinking that I might have cancer. The mind works that way. I didn’t focus on the word “benign” and the fact that it may not actually be cancer. The fact that it might be cancer is overpowering. The conversations I had with myself over the last 10 days ranged from I’ll get through this to I need to get my personal matters in order. I’ll say this, never once did I think that somehow it’s unfair that this could be happening to me. My god, children get cancer so it clearly has nothing to do with being fair or unfair. Most of my thoughts revolved around how my family was going to deal with it?  Thankfully I won’t have to find the answer to that.  I received a call from my doctor yesterday saying all is good, no cancer. A relief would be an understatement. A wake up call? Indeed. Perspective? What really is and is not a problem? Absolutely. Getting a call from your doctor saying you might have cancer is a problem; angst over who might speaking at Mortgage Forum 2012, is melodrama.

Until next time,



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Mark Mighton @Twitter ID Website Reply

Glad to hear all checked out ok Boris.

November 20 2012 13:44 pm Boris Bozic

Hi Mark, thanks for the kind words.

Susanna Penning @Twitter ID Website Reply

Impeccable timing! As I was fretting over how to possibly finish all the work/organize all the kids before leaving for the CAAMP Forum, I took a few moments to read your blog…as I thought it might have conference details. What a smack in the face wake up call, THANK YOU.

November 20 2012 13:44 pm Boris Bozic

Hi Susanna, thank you for reaching out and sharing your thoughts. It’s going to kill me not be able to enjoy a cigar at the conference. No wait, it’s the cigars that could kill me. No cigars for me. Look forward to seeing you in Vancouver.

Angela Bond @FSGURU Website Reply


This must have been a very trying few days for you. I am THRILLED to hear all is ok! For all of us, health (physical, mental and otherwise) has to be our priority. We can’t take for granted nor should be ashamed of things that make us who we are. Cheers to you and your family.

Warmest regards,


November 20 2012 13:44 pm Boris Bozic

Hi Angela, thank you so much for your note. Not many things can give you that “oh shit” moment but the mere mention of the dreaded disease can. So far my story had a happy ending. Now I’ll have to watch out for buses.

Mark Kerzner @Twitter ID Website Reply

Boris. I have to admit as i started to read the second paragraph I scrolled immediately to the bottom to see how things turned out and am so thankful to hear everything is OK.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

November 20 2012 13:43 pm Boris Bozic

Hi Mark, thanks for your note. Look forward to catching up in Vancouver. I won’t be bringing any cigars but I’ll be happy to share my Nicorette’s with you.

Wayne Campbell, Invis-Prince George @Twitter ID Website Reply

Best wishes to you Boris, from another 50-ish slightly overweight guy.

November 20 2012 13:43 pm Boris Bozic

Hi Wayne, nice to hear from you. By the way, what worked for me was getting one of those mirrors you find in a funhouse. I look a lot skinner when I use one.

Boris thanks for the dose of reality…glad you’re doing well and looking forward to seeing you at CAAMP.

November 20 2012 14:37 pm Boris Bozic

Hi Gord, thanks for the note. No doubt it’s a wakeup call for me. Looking forward to catching up at CAAMP.

Boris, it is unfortunate we need events such as what you just went through to remember what is important and what is not. In my office we have a young lady who just returned from maternity leave. She had not been feeling well the last few months and to cut to the chase, was just diagnosed with colon cancer. This has had a profound impact on our firm, and all those difficult files and pain in the butt clients, realtors, yes even brokers, are no longer such a pain.

Let us all make a resolution, for we are getting close to that time of year, to always remember what is truly important, and what is not. Heck, I might make that the theme of my annual Christmas poem.

November 20 2012 21:47 pm Boris Bozic

Hi Tony, I've been touched by all the people that have shared their story with me. Not knowing for sure is one thing but to actually have to deal with it is all together different. My thoughts go out to your employee. I'm all for a resolution, like never using words like emergency, critical, dire etc in business,

I did the same as Mark! right to the bottom to be sure it was good news! So glad to hear you’re stickin around!!
You’re giving up cigars now though right?

November 20 2012 21:48 pm Boris Bozic

Hi Barb, I'm done with cigars. It's been 6 days without one. This is the easy time of the year to give them up, no golf. The real test will be in the summer. What the hell, I think stick around. Thanks for the note.

Hi Boris – I am sooo happy to hear that you are A-OK! The ‘C’ word really puts life into perspective, doesn’t it…. Not about the lawyer calling you for instructions, not about that meeting you have to run to … it comes down to Health & Family. Best wishes for continued wellness…

November 20 2012 21:48 pm Boris Bozic

Hi Dianne, you're right about perspective. There's important, and then there's really important. Health and family falls into the really important category. Thank you for the kind words.

James Shinners @@MortgageManCan Website Reply

Had the same experience 6 years ago. My melanoma was caught early and a fairly easy surgery removed it. It certainly puts things into perspective and makes you get your priorities in order. It also motivated me to make some changes/improvements in my business sooner, rather than later.

November 20 2012 21:47 pm Boris Bozic

Hi James, early detection is so important. I'm glad to hear all is well with you. Thanks much for the kind words and thank you for sharing your story.

@kiltedbroker @@kiltedbroker Website Reply

Great perspective – thanks so much for sharing – only 3 paragraphs but such a long journey – good to hear you are in the clear – you are a beast!

Zach Silverman @zachsilverman Website Reply


Thank you for telling your story. We all need a regular dose of perspective to realize how great we have it, even if some days it doesn’t seem that way.



James Shinners @Twitter ID Website Reply

There is a great video on Youtube entitled “Dear 16 year old me” It is worth watching.

Michele Hall @Twitter ID Website Reply

Hi Boris, I really enjoy reading your blogs. I am so glad everything is ok. Wishing you great health in the future !

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