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Article written by Boris Bozic on the 15 Nov 2011 in Personal

As you read this blog I’m sure you’ve noticed some changes.  The look and feel of the blog has been completely revamped.  A decision was made a few months  ago to give the blog a face-lift.  Why?  That’s what happens when the person who manages the functionality of the blog, and was responsible for the creation of the blog in the first place, is a perfectionist.  So if you like the look, it’s all Leeanne O’Brien, our Social Media and Communications Specialist.  If you don’t like the look, it’s all my fault.

This blogging thing has taken me by surprise. I’ve been at it now for four months, and in that time the blog has had more than 16,000 views.  I find that number staggering.  I was convinced that when I went down this path that my mom, and my staff (who I pay), would be the only regular readers.  It appears that interest in the blog reaches beyond the Bozic household.  So to those of you who read the blog, including family members or individuals on the Merix payroll,  my sincerest thanks.  As I stated in my first blog, writing is not something that comes naturally to me.  I feel more comfortable using the spoken word rather than the written word.  When you speak to someone one-on-one or  public speaking for that matter, you have many tools at your disposal.  There’s facial expressions, body language and tone of voice.  When you try to tell a story just by using words, well, there’s not many tricks at your disposal.  You either convey a coherent message, in way which isn’t mind numbingly boring or you don’t.  Not much wiggle room.

 I would like to dispel a myth.  A number of people have asked me, as well as Leeanne, do I have a “ghost writer?”  The answer to the question is, no.  There’s no point in blogging if you’re going to hide behind someone else’s words.  Prior to starting the blog I did a little homework and research.  The most interesting blogs I found are the ones that offer insight and an opinion.  The blogs that just regurgitate the facts are, well, kaka.  For those who know me know I’m not bashful when it comes to offering an opinion.  If you ask…I’ll share. 

 I hope you continue to read to read the blog.  Those of you have taken the time to comment, pinky swear I read them all.  Moving forward you have my word I will never just mail it in.  I would rather post the following;  “Brain Cramp, Got Nothing” than put no thought into a post.

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Looking forward to new blogs that will actually have something to say, not, like you mentioned, regurgitation of facts that are readily available at any time in this ever changing social media age.

Laky Adam

Roberta Boychuk @ABCroberta Website Reply

I find most of the content on social media is so sweet and nice it just gives me a toothache! So when I see a new blog email from you, I wait until I can take a few minutes, make myself a cup of coffee and I really appreciate your opinons, thoughts and insight. Don’t change a thing!

PS. “Brain Cramp, Got Nothing” works too :)
ABC Roberta


When and where else does the average unknown broker have an opportunity to hear what is on the mind of the CEO of one of the big lenders?

Your posts are short and to the point. Mark Twain who wrote, “please excuse the length of this letter, I did not have time to write a shorter one.” You already know what that means.

Mark Herman

Cathy Pestun @Twitter ID Website Reply

Love reading your blogs as they are so relevant. I actually forward them on to different family members who I know would appreciate the subject matter.

Barb Morgan @Twitter ID Website Reply

Boris no matter how busy my day, I always set time aside to open your blog and read it. I’m able to add your tones and voice inflections as I suspect you would have spoken it- so nothing lost in the written word. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and everyone and have recommended it to many others as well. Keep em comin!

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