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Article written by Boris Bozic on the 23 Aug 2012 in Personal

The long journey for our family is finally coming to an end.  The journey I’m referring to is our move, which now feels like it’s been a year.  The reality is it’s only been three weeks but when you live out of a suitcase, time seems to drag on.  It’s one thing to do that while on vacation but it altogether different when it’s just another normal day or in our case, weeks.  It is interesting how you adjust to your circumstances.  I’ve learned that I’m clothes pig.  It appears that two suits, two pairs of dress pants,  5 dress shirts and a few ties is more than enough.  There’s going to be further purging when we move in on Friday, and in the not too distant future some homeless man will look pretty sharp.

As to our new home or as we affectionately refer to it as, the money pit, there’s a fair bit of work that awaits us.  You have to have some vision and imagination to buy a home where the redeeming quality is the lot and footprint.  Everything else about the interior?  Bye-Bye!  It’s funny to walk around the house and say, hate this, hate that, that’s hideous, and what in god’s name were the previous owners thinking when they picked this?  Feel free to insert doors, faucets, tiles, staircase, paint colour, light fixtures etc.  Indeed, work awaits.

I’m thankful that the previous owners spent less than five cents preparing their home for sale. Even more thankful is the painter we hired.   In this day and age of HGTV, not knowing how to stage a home is because you just didn’t care to learn.  That’s a mistake that many home owners make when selling their homes, and it costs them thousands of dollars.  Most people have a difficult time seeing beyond people’s questionable taste but what will turn  potential buyers off even more is if they think the house is not clean.  A coat of paint does wonders.  Every buyer will probably change the paint colour as soon as they move in but at least they’ll think the house is pristine.  And if they’re trying to decide between two homes to buy, it can be the difference maker. 

Off to the store to buys some stuff because the money pit needs to be fed.

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