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1 Comments Telemarketers: Thank You For Interrupting My Dinner

Article written by Boris Bozic on the 02 Feb 2012 in Business

Why is that telemarketers always seem to call at the wrong time?  Some of you may be asking when is the right time?  That’s a good question but I always try to remind myself that the person on the other end of the line is doing their job.  These people have mortgages to pay, a family to feed and the other daily expenses we all have to deal with.  The right side of my brain gets that but the left side of my brain screams “expletive”, I’m having dinner, watching the game or some other important activity.  Who am I kidding, a telemarketer would annoy me if I was watching re-runs of Degrassi High, while biting on tinfoil.  There’s just something about an unsolicited phone call with the sole purpose to sell me something.

I have to thank my friend Brian Nason for forwarding an email reminding me that cell phone numbers will go public at the end of this month.  His email reminded me that I could do something about it, like registering my number on the government do not call list.  If you register your phone number it will be blocked for five years.  Not sure who came up with that formula.  I suspect five years from now I won’t be saying, “I’m ready to be annoyed now…come on telemarketers…bring it”.  Anyway,  if you want some semblance of peace for the next five years, you should visit   It’s the government website where you can add your cell and home phone numbers.  The process is easy, and it won’t take longer than 30 seconds to register your number.

If you’re reading this blog, and you happen to be a telemarketer or own a telemarketing company, I mean no harm to you or your business.  If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to email me your cell and home phone numbers.  I’ll be more than happy to call you back when you’re having dinner, watching the birth of your child, watching the game, etc. etc. etc.

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Angela Bond @ Website Reply

I’ve been receiving calls at 11:00pm on the dot! I guess they figure I will answer thinking something is wrong with a family member becuase who else calls at 11pm??? Love Seinfeld

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