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Article written by Boris Bozic on the 05 Feb 2013 in Canada

On Monday, February 4, a little piece of Canadiana is no more.  Yesterday was the official date where banks and businesses would no longer receive  pennies.  Yes, that useless little copper coloured currency has gone the way of the Canadian one a two dollar bills – out of circulation.  The difference being that the one and two dollar bills were replaced by coins. Why? Because they were actually worth something.  The penny?  Not so much.

I like money, who doesn’t? But for most people the penny has become a nuisance. For most people it’s been like this for a long time.  How many times have you reached into your pocket to retrieve change and penny drops on the ground.  You look down at and say to yourself, “it’s not worth the effort of bending over and picking it up”. So you just leave it and walk away.  You do this not because you think you’re a baller.  You leave it be because it’s not worth the effort of bending all the way down to get it.  What would total strangers think of you if you we’re to ?  Not going to allow anyone to think poorly of you over a penny.  Nope, that useless, bacteria infested coin just isn’t worth a simple knee bend.

I suspect right now you’re thinking, “Soon the penny will be history, and I wish someone would provide me with some useless information about the penny which might come handy if I ever play Trivial Pursuit again”. Lucky you!  The penny was put into circulation in 1858.  The high cost of copper back in 1920 forced the government to make the penny smaller in size.   The Queens likeness first appeared on the penny in 1965. Shall I go on? No, eh?  What if I was to say, “A penny for your thoughts?”  Just dawned on me that “a penny for your thoughts” really means that you don’t put any kind of value to what the other person is thinking.  Finally! There’s some value in a penny.

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