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1 Comments Ford Nation: Liar, Liar pants on fire

Article written by Boris Bozic on the 08 Nov 2013 in Canada,Current Events

And in the case of  Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford, we’re talking major inferno. I had no intention in commenting on the allegations, and now admission that has dogged the Mayor, and captured the imagination of the local populace and comedians worldwide.  The question of “did he or did he not” rendered every other issue irrelevant.  Now we all know.

Full disclosure, I supported Rob Ford, and encouraged family and friends to do the same.  Finally, there was a candidate I could support for policy reasons rather than packaging.  Let’s face it, central casting would never send a Rob Ford look alike to a movie set to play a mayor in a movie, Toronto voters learned a valuable lesson on voting for packaging rather than results (see Toronto’s previous mayor).  So, finally there was a candidate that spoke to the silent majority and who appeared not to be a part of the establishment and intelligentsia.  It worked; Ford got elected by a rather large margin. But his actions today amount to flipping the bird to all his supporters, including me.

From first day of the Ford administration, certain media outlets were determined to bring down the mayor.  Some of the media coverage was repugnant, they spoke in code.  They didn’t believe he looked the part, and they were vicious in their criticism.  But at the end of the day that wasn’t the reason for Fords eventual demise.  Was it because he FINALLY admitted to smoking crack? Don’t think so, and I’m basing that on the media coverage of other well know political drug users. Not much has been written about President Obama’s admission that he used cocaine while in college.  I guess the media gets a pass on that one because Obama’s cocaine use was in the past and not while in office.  Okay, what about the present?  What about Liberal Leader, Justin Trudeau, who admitted to sparking up and enjoying the odd joint while sitting as a member of parliament?  Where was the moral indignation from the press?  I don’t believe that Canada has legalized marijuana, yet. The press’s hypocrisy aside, Rob Ford’s eventual demise is not because of drug use; but the fact that he lied about it.

There are lessons to be learned by the Ford fiasco, like what not to do in a crisis. Ford’s struggle for political survival today can be traced to hubris.  If an individual or a business, believes they’re above the rules and arrogant enough to believe they’re immune from fallout,  might as well start writing their professional obituary.  When Ford stopped listening to his handlers and their recommendations, it was the beginning of the end.  When your inner circle jumps ship because you’re on a path of ruin, and you’re still adamant about doing it your way only, the inevitable results will follow.  In politics and business there’s a play book to follow in times of crisis. In politics when you get caught with your pants down, or in Fords case a crack pipe in his mouth, you follow the tried and true methods.  He holds a press conference, uses his family as props in the in the background, looks straight into the camera and admits he lied, and promises to get help. If he can muster up tears that really works well.  He comes back in sixty days and it’s all behind him, But if you lie about it for months, daring the police to release the video, and you only come clean because you realize there is no out, it’s too late.

My heart goes out to Ford’s family.  They’re the innocent victims in all of this, and I struggle to rationalize why politicians do this to their families. But we’ve seen it before, and we’ll see it again.  Here’s something to ponder, the guy who smoked crack and was inebriated many times while on the clock, brought fiscal responsibility to City Hall, eliminated wasteful spending and ensured there was a budget surplus.  His predecessor other hand had the right look and pedigree, nearly drove Toronto into bankruptcy.  Go figure.

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