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Article written by Boris Bozic on the 10 Nov 2011 in Canada,Current Events,World Events

debate poppyWhy is that we have to make things so difficult.  Sometimes the answer is simple, and the solution stares you in the face.  Yet for many in our society the obvious is too easy and they would rather debate and bludgeon us with theory.   The poppy is now being debated.  Should we wear one or not?  Does it glorify war?  Should we wear a white poppy which denotes peace?   I guess we’ve solved all the world’s problem that it’s time now to debate the poppy.

 I just read a story where FIFA, the world governing soccer body, is prohibiting the English National soccer team from wearing an embroidered poppy on their team jersey.  Here’s the official statement that FIFA made, “We regret to inform you (English Football Association) that accepting such initiatives would open the door to similar initiatives from all over the world, jeopardizing the neutrality of football.  Therefore, we confirm herewith that the suggested embroidery on the match shirt cannot be authorized”.  The English National Team has decided to wear black armbands instead for their match against Spain this weekend.   

 I can’t help but wonder about those brave men who served and fought for Canada during the World War’s.  When they were ordered to storm a beach, knowing they probably would never go home, did they think for a moment that their sacrifice would be cast aside and viewed as simple footnote.   What about the  Canadian men and women who served in Korea, Afghanistan and Iraq?  They were ordered to fight in a country they probably knew little about.  All in the name of democracy and yet some people they were fighting for wanted them out of their country.  Did these brave men and woman ever think that a simple gesture like wearing a poppy would be questioned and debated by those who believe it to be nothing more than the glorification of war?  God, I hope not.  I hope they understand that the vast majority of Canadians are forever thankful.  The life we lead today is a direct result of the sacrifices made by our armed forces.  Even the politically correct can’t dispute that.

Lest We Forget



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Angela Bond @ Reply

AMEN to that! Oh wait….can we say that? :) Thank you again Boris for a great blog.

Mark Kerzner @ Website Reply

well said

gord dahlen @ Reply

Boris ,
It’s a sad day when political correctness outpaces our respect for those who fought so valiantly for all that we enjoy today .I’m reposting and want to thank you for another great commentary .If those of us who appreciate and understand the sacrifices that were made by those that came before us stand up and be counted like you have here we may stand a chance .

Hali Strandlund @ Reply

I’m wearing my red poppy proudly and remembering the days with my great grandfather and grandfather talking about their real life experiences at war. They were completely unselfish an patriotic beyond words. I worry about the world my children are growing up in. One where such heroism is tossed aside.

Lest we all remember!

Daylin Breslin @ Reply

Thank you for the post, Boris. I am proud to honour those who have made sacrifices most of us will never have to dream of making, precisely because others have sacrificed on our behalf. As with any symbol, the symbol itself is not important – only the message the symbol intends. I am wearing my poppy, and remembering.

Gord Ross @ Reply

Thank you Boris and well said. My grandfather Capt. John Ross is a man I never go to meet and my father was only 2 years old when john was killed in battle. It has forever changed the lives of my family. It truly sickens me that we even have to have this discussion and that there are those who have the audacity to question the way that we honour our heros and the fallen. I for one will not forget that we live in the best country in the world and that the freedoms that we so often take for granted every day were a gift. A gift that should be greatly appreciated and remembered.

November 10 2011 15:54 pm jacksonmiddleton @ Website

Well said - well said indeed.

Remembrance Day « Michael Anthony Lloyd Mortgage Expert @ Website Reply

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Remembrance Day « Michael Anthony Lloyd Mortgage Expert @ Website Reply

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Angela Kroemer @ Website Reply

I am and will be wearing my bright red poppy. Thank you to all that have served and are serving in our Canadian Forces. ” Lest we forget “.

Jan O'Brien @ Reply

You’ve given me food for thought Boris, as you always do…and reflecting on November 11th and what it is for me being raised as a “military brat”. I am from a family that was in WW1, WW2, and the Korean war and now have a son who is serving, Remembrance Day has always been a significant day to acknowledge our veterans and the contribution Canada has made toward the good of humanity. We honor them by wearing a red poppy. That is their symbol and for as long as I remember we have embraced it and have worn it with pride. Now it’s not politically correct?? What’s changed? I bet you can ask any of the veterans or the soldiers who are fighting now, that war is not the answer. I feel our Canadian veterans promote peace. All of the military folk who I have met are all proud of their contribution of fighting for peace and justice. For me it is more of a Patriotic day than Canada Day. Canada is known as a peaceful nation because of who we are and we stand for. After listening to Rick’s rant it comes to mind as it does every year…. why we here in BC get this day off to take this time to gather together and take those precious 2 minutes of silence, when you over there in Ontario, the capital of our nation, are working and treating it like any day. That I really don’t get!!! Thanks for being on my side :)

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