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2 Comments Is it just me? – People taking to the streets to protest.

Article written by Boris Bozic on the 11 Aug 2011 in Canada,Current Events,Politics,World Events

Is it just me, or does it appear that world has gone mad? Based on the images we are seeing from England, I asked myself that very question. TheLondon Riots 2011 images are shocking and very troubling when you consider why it’s happening. What started as a peaceful demonstration in Tottenham, has now become a violent uprising in many cities. There’s doesn’t appear to be any visible reason for why this is happening. Cities are burning for kicks. Maybe it’s just me getting older but after the third day of watching cities burn I was wondering why the British Government had not deployed the military to quell the civil disobedience. At the very least the police should have been using stronger measures to bring this to an end. The police seem to be taking the velvet glove approach with the anarchists. So far no water cannons or rubber bullets have been used. There’s reluctance by the police, pardon the pun, to pull out the big guns. The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, questioned police methods in parliament yesterday. He’s demanding the police use a much more aggressive approach with the hooligans, anarchists, arsonists and petty thieves. Gee, hugging won’t work?

The average age of the rioters is between 18 and 21. I’m not sure how the state has wronged them to such a degree that they would be willing to burn their cities down, and shame their country in front of the world. But it’s clear that in their tinny pointed heads they’ve found some irrational justification.London Riots youth I get it, 18 to 21 year old are dumb or rather have a lot to learn. I remember being that age, I had all the answers, how my parents survived all those years without my council was beyond me, but even being that dumb at no time did I say to myself, “I think I’ll go burn down Toronto, just for the hell of it”. Why? Because we respected authority, we were taught right from wrong, and I was more afraid of my mother than I was of the cops. That part still true today. When the civil unrest finally ends in London, we will hear the usual verbal diarrhea. The youth of Britain feels disenfranchised, they’re poor, they have no hope, blah, blah, blah. What that really means is, “I live in a world of entitlement, I’m accustomed to getting something without earning it, the state owes me, and if I don’t get mine I’ll burn the city down”. No, that’s not just anger, that’s nuts.

Conversely we’ve witnessed the Sprig Arab Uprising. It still continues today in Libya and Syria. These people took to the streets peacefully in the name of freedom and Syria Protestsself-determination. They faced jets, tanks and bullets because they wanted to overthrow oppressive totalitarian regimes. I live in the greatest country in the world, Canada. I’ve been accorded every opportunity to succeed. My parents worked themselves to the bone to provide a better life for their kids. My success or failure is my responsibility. As I compare my so called “problems” to those who took to the streets in the Arab world, I’ll take my problems any day of the week.

There does seem to be a common thread in the in the world today. People are taking to the streets to protest. Is some cases it’s warranted, in others it’s mind boggling. So I can’t help but wonder – can it happen here? The Tea Party in the US is a populist movement. So far Tea Party demonstrations have been peaceful but partisan politics in the U.S. has become so anger based one can’t help but wonder if they will be able to keep a lid on this boiling pot. Based on the language being used by both sides in the U.S., I think there’s reason for concern. As for Canada, I think we would all like to believe that it won’t happen here. We’re far too reasonable and respectful of our community. Then I think about the G20 in Toronto, and the aftermath of game seven in Vancouver, and now I’m not so sure.

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Lori Smith Reply

Could it happen here? I can’t predict the actions of others however if we believe that Canadians 18-21 don’t also share the opinion that “I live in a world of entitlement, I’m accustomed to getting something without earning it, the state owes me, etc.” we are being very foolish.

Barb Morgan Reply

We have a friend visiting from England who was surprised to see that our cops carry guns. In UK they have a night stick and pepper spray. Never mind the big guns, they need any guns! I wonder how much faster the UK govt would have reacted if this was ‘terrorist” attacks?

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