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3 Comments Jim Flaherty – A Public Servant Who Actually Served

Article written by Boris Bozic on the 11 Apr 2014 in Canada,Current Events

I think most of we’re shocked and surprised to hear about the passing of former Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty.  There was speculation he decided to leave the Finance Department for health reasons, he was afflicted by a rare skin disease.  He denied the claims, and simply said that it was time to pursue opportunities in the private sector.  Today, his reason for leaving and stepping aside is moot, and it’s sad he didn’t have an opportunity to share moments with his family, when they were so close to getting him back.

I think it’s safe to say the late Jim Flaherty made many sacrifices.  Being Finance Minister is not a part-time job.  When you’re responsible for managing the country’s economy and budget, you can probably say goodbye to the nine to five work days.  His efforts and dedication to public service will shape his legacy.  We can quibble about all the changes to mortgage rules under his stewardship, but I think we are all better off today because of his steady hand while steering us through the global financial crisis.  In the grand scheme of things our economy bounced back rather smoothly after 2008; Canada was able to avoid much of the pain other economies endured.  That did not happen by accident. 

 I had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Flaherty on a number of occasions.  I always found him to be engaging and attentive.  He reached out to many business sectors because he wanted to hear firsthand what the needs of the day were. He reached out to our industry and learned the importance of the mortgage broker industry.  He took the time to meet with stakeholders in our industry when it would have been easy for him to say no need, I know better.  He allowed our voice to be heard, and he appreciated the contribution we make to home ownership in Canada.  His approach was a first for our industry, and for that we should all be grateful.  I know I am.

 God speed.



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Camille McKenzie @Twitter ID Website Reply

He was truly a great finance leader. Thanks to his knowledge and wisdom we are doing much better than in 2008. I wish we could have given him a better good-bye however, he will always be in our hearts as one of the greatest Financial leader Canada has ever seen.
Farewell Jim,

Albert Ottoni @Twitter ID Website Reply

Very well said Boris, and I totally agree. With the benefit of hindsight, although some of us felt Mr. Flaherty at the time was a bit heavy-handed at times with some measures during the peak and aftermath of the credit crisis, few can argue that we are far better off today because of his steady hand, as you put it, ‘while steering us through the financial crisis.’ It is incredible how famous Flaherty became on the world stage due to the Cdn financial sector performance at the peak of crisis, especially compared to other G7 economies suffering from bank failures and imploding mortgage markets.

I too had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Flaherty on a few occasions, and was always impressed by his professional manner, keen interest in capital markets, and profound duty of care for the Canadian economy.

Sabeena Bubber @@sabeenabubber Website Reply

Very Well said Boris. Today I have a heavy heart for the loss of this man who gave so much to the citizens of this country and whose family is now suffering the loss of a wonderful husband and father.

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