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Article written by Boris Bozic on the 27 Sep 2011 in Canada,Current Events,US Politics

Of course I’m not talking to you.  The shout out goes to our friends south of the border.  I’ve always been a huge supporter of the US.  Their ingenuity, their spirit of entrepreneurship, their commitment to country and flag has historically set the example for others to follow.  Yet today, this once great nation seems hell-bent on imploding. They spend so much of their time looking inward; they fail to see that others may have the answers, if they would only care to pay attention.  It’s not like they have to look far to get the answers.  As the Friendly Giant would say – for those of you under 40 google the show the Friendly Giant – “look up….look way up”, to Canada.

There’s so much Americans could learn from us.  For example, politics doesn’t have to be a blood sport.  Sure, we don’t really like the other guys during a campaign but when it’s over, it’s over.  The vitriol and venom are put aside until the next election.  In Canada we have about 47 days between elections, at least it feels that way, but the reality is between elections we get on with our lives and we can function as a society.  Maybe it’s because we have such low expectations of our politicians that we don’t get twisted when they fail to deliver.  We’re more shocked when politicians keep their promises, see the Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford.  The silly man, keeping his word by cutting spending.   The political landscape in the US has become so polarized that common senses has become, well, uncommon.  Canadians don’t have the time nor inclination to keep on debating after an election.  We’re far too busy.  We don’t have time to be brainwashed like they do in the US.  Our political viewpoint is not shaped by the likes of MSNBC, the wacko’s on the left, or Fox News, the only slightly less moronic on the right.  Americans spend too much time watching TV, and they allow political pundits to frame their political views and fan the flames.  If they want to stare into the idiot box, they should mimic us.  They should only watch Hockey Night in Canada. 

The most valuable lesson American’s could learn from us is how to balance the books.  Back in the 90′s we were in a financial mess.  Back then S & P downgraded Canada because of our debt.  Our Finance Minister at the time was Paul Martin, with a Liberal majority government,  he had the freedom and latitude to do what was necessary to put our books in order.  The solution was simple, for every dollar taken in by increasing taxes, seven dollars was cut from spending. Guess what? It worked!  It will never work in the US because they adhere to this new math that I’m completely unfamiliar with.  President O-Blah-ma has proposed the following; for every three dollars taken in by increased taxes, he will cut one dollar in spending. His solution is to tax the “rich” even further.  The reality is that 86% of all tax dollars collected by the IRS comes from the top 25% of income earners in the US.  I could be wrong but I think they’ve contributed enough.  What Martin figured out in the 90′s was that we didn’t have a revenue problem, we had a spending problem.  The US has yet to figure that out.  If they need help, all they have to do is call.  I’m sure Martin’s secretary would put O-Blah-ma through.

There’s so many more things the Americans could learn from us.  Like keeping the peace is a lot better than making war.  Like accepting the fact that immigration is vital for a country’s survival.  Like the right to walk around with concealed weapon is stupid.  So much to learn…so little time.  And if they had a few extra moments we would gladly take the time to explain the difference between offside and icing.

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