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Article written by Boris Bozic on the 16 Jun 2011 in Canada,Current Events,Hockey,Sports

I suspect this is how Vancouver Canuck fans are feeling today. The feeling comes from the realization that the journey is over before you had chance to reach the destination. It’s the feeling you get when something is taken from you which was so close. That something is the memory of your favorite team winning the Stanley Cup.

I have no allegiance to either the Vancouver Canucks or the Boston Bruins. I have no emotional attachment to either team but I have many friends and colleagues who do. I lived in Vancouver for eight years, and I call tell you that Canuck fans are as passionate as they come. I had a chance to witness that passion thanks to Debbie and Grant Thomas, owners of TMG and close friends of mine. They graciously invited me to be their guest for game five and seven. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity because being from Toronto a Stanley Cup final is fantasy. The only pre-condition Grant made was that I must wear a Canuck jersey to the game. Being a Leaf fan that was difficult to do but the picture is proof positive that I’m no idiot. Let’s see, wear the jersey and go to the game. Don’t wear the jersey, watch the game on TV. Woohoo, Go Canucks Go!

Just wearing a jersey doesn’t make you a fan. I went to the game as a casual observer, and what a spectacle it was. The capacity crowd in the arena last night, as well as the legion of Canuck fans watching on TV, there was nothing casual about their emotional attachment to the game. That’s why Canuck fans are feeling empty today. They’re all spent. You can only go from euphoria to nail biting to bitter disappointment for so long, and now it’s over. I feel for my friends and colleagues who are big Canuck fans. But the important thing is your team gave it a good shot and they provided you with so much excitement.

Ah, that’s a bunch of bullshit!  This isn’t play day where everyone gets a ribbon for participating. This is professional sports where the only thing that matters is winning. Losing sucks! But what’s worse for real Canuck fans they now have to deal with the embarrassment of a city coming unglued after defeat. Smashed windows, violence, burning cars, tear gas, flash bombs have nothing to with hockey. Yet now that’s the story, what a shame.

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Wayne Campbell, AMP Website Reply

Just to be clear; these rioters in Vancouver were not hockey fans! These were punks. Gutless cowards who would hide behind a mask. Going downtown and bringing a mask with them says to me that, win or lose, they were just there to riot. Real hockey fans are honourable.

Wayne Campbell, AMP
Invis – Prince George

June 17 2011 11:11 am Boris Bozic Website

Hi Wayne, I would never mistake these anarchists for hockey fans. This isn’t a simple case of testosterone colliding with alcohol. What struck me was the open defiance of authority. They just didn’t seem to care. Then again if the police took a more aggressive posture I wonder how brave these brain dead individuals would have been.

Linda Reply

Boris, the hockey was great, and the best team won! As for the aftermath, the hooligans involved were not Canuck fans, they are just disgusting people that angered and embarrased our city, province and country. This morning many people went downtown to VOLUNTEER their time to clean up the mess, these are Canuck fans and citizens of our city, this I find heart warming!

June 17 2011 11:11 am Boris Bozic Website

Hi Linda, the people that volunteered to clean up are not only great hockey fans, they’re even better citizens. These are the people that represent what Vancouver is about.

Anthea Chatterton Reply

Well said Boris! That is exactly how true Canuck Fans are feeling this morning. Vancouver is a world class city and we are embarrassed by our “no class” citizens this morning.

June 17 2011 11:12 am Boris Bozic Website

Hello Anthea, The “no class” citizens should have their citizenship stripped. I know that’s extreme by why coddle anarchists.

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