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3 Comments Gone Fishing – Alaskan Cruise

Article written by Boris Bozic on the 16 Aug 2011 in Personal,Travel

Alaska CruiseWell not exactly.  I will be on the water for the next 12 days, and if I’m lucky I might be able to see a really big fish, like a whale. Yeah, I know, a whale is a mammal.  It’s family vacation time and we’re off on a Alaskan cruise.  Alaska’s a place that I’ve often thought about visiting but I really didn’t think I would actually ever go.  It’s like when you say to someone “we should do lunch”, and both parties know full well that it won’t happen.  The food would be nice, maybe even the company, but neither party is going to make the effort to make it happen.  Well, the effort was made to go on this trip, and here’s what I’ve learned so far about going to Alaska.

To get to Alaska costs an unbridled fortune.  The word fortune is relative, and I’m sure this trip will provide a lifetime of memories.  Based on the cost I better have memories in the next life as well.  In fairness, value is perceived. Example, if I was to get a call tomorrow inviting me to play golf at Augusta National, home of the Masters, I’m not sure how much I would pay but it would definitely fall in the stupid category.  So, it’s never about cost.  I now realize It costs big money to see big ice.

Packing for a trip like this is interesting.  “Let’s see, I packed shorts, golf shirts, winter coat and boots…all set”.  Recommended clothing for Alaska is layers.  Okay then, I’ll be walking around Anchorage looking like the Michelin Man.  Styling in Alaska.  I’m going to ask everyone I talk too in Anchorage if they know Sarah Palin …. Why?  It’s payback.  It’s for all the times that an American has asked me, when they find out I’m from Canada, “I know guy from Canada…his name’s Bob…do you know him?”

As I write this blog we’re just about to passed under the Golden Gate Bridge to begin our journey. What a site.  I’m really looking forward to all the sites on this trip, and continuing to blog. The wonders of technology…
always connected.

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Cindy Freiman Website Reply

Safe travels, Boris!

Christopher Molder (@sonofabroker) Website Reply

Have a great trip Boris enjoy your vacation and family time. I hope you had enough xRewards to cover it. My next “X” trip will be Turkey I think.

Geoff Charkow Reply

Boris, perhaps you can take an excursion to pan for some gold. At $1700/oz you should be able to offset some of the costs to get everyone up there!! Have a great trip…

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