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Article written by Boris Bozic on the 12 Jul 2011 in Canada,Current Events,Personal,Uncategorized

I think it’s safe to say that summer has finally arrived. I hear the snow melted yesterday in Calgary, and in Vancouver they’re calling for two days of sunshine, in a row. So summer must be around the corner. But you’ll really know when summer is here when Peter Mansbridge begins the National with the following intro; “Greece is on the verge of declaring bankruptcy….the war in Afghanistan rages on … US unemployment rate hits a staggering 14%…But first our top story…Heat Wave Hits Toronto”. And this is the reason why the rest of Canada hates all things Toronto.

Firstly, as Canadian’s we’re fixated on the weather. Have you ever noticed how much time we spend talking about the weather. Yet for some reason the press elevates the weather situation in Toronto. Look, 33 degrees is hot, but when it’s about Toronto, the humidex factor is always added. It’s not enough to say it’s 33 degrees, the reporter has to say “it feels like 46 degrees”. It’s like some kind of bragging right. Here in Toronto we’re equal opportunists. In the winter it’s all about the windchill. When it’s reported that with the windchill it feels like -28 in Toronto, people in Edmonton and Winnipeg roll their eyes and say “bleeping wimps”. When it comes to the weather, Toronto measures itself by how cold or hot it is. The long range forecast for Toronto, I know this because I’m Canadian, calls for a hot and dry summer. So for everyone living outside of Toronto, don’t be surprised if you hear on The National that the Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, has called out the military to help us cope with the heat. The military will walk the streets of Toronto with umbrellas to shade us from the sun.

The summer is a great time of the year, but it can pose challenges for business. Firstly, don’t buy into conventional wisdom that business will slow down because it’s summer. Last time I checked bank’s weren’t boarding up branch windows, with a sign posted on the plywood that say’s…”We’ll be back in September”. It’s difficult but you have to remind your staff, and yourself, that it’s business as usual. Secondly, make a commitment to outwork the competition. Most of your competition will check out, mentally or physically. The majority of people will be lured by the distractions that summer brings. When your competition is playing, you have a great opportunity to eat their lunch. Thirdly, accept the fact that your staff wants to enjoy the summer months, but it doesn’t necessarily mean lost productivity. Flexible hours are an option, and you may decide to knock off early on Friday’s. That’s fine as long as everyone is focused throughout the week. The bills got to be paid.

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Hi Boris, great post.
Best regards, David Grossman

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Great viewpoint on why the rest of Canada hates all things Toronto and how to gain some good market share.

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